MirrOlure Series III Catch 5 S25MR Lures - Chartreuse - $6.99

The ability of the MirrOlure Series III Catch 5 to mimic baitfish that large predator species feed on gives it the edge when it comes to filling your livewell. This wide-bodied suspending lure reflects a large holographic flash when you make it come alive in the water by using a twitching retrieve to make it dart about and then let it suspend 12-18 below the surface. It also emits a low-frequency sonic rattle that sends vibrations through the water to get the attention of reluctant lunkers. Natural baitfish patterns with incredible realism give this lure the look of a wounded shad, pinfish or croaker that will drive near-shore game fish into a frenzy. Per each. Length: 3-1/2. Wt: 3/4 oz. Colors: (007)Chartreuse/Pearl/Silver, (011)Redhead/White/Silver, (018)Green/White/Silver, (021)Black/White/Silver, (300)Electric Chicken, (301)Black/Gold/Orange. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Saltwater Hard Baits. - $6.99


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