MirrOlure MirrOminnow Luminescence Series 19MR - Black/Orange - $6.99

Designed to mimic a glass minnow or rain minnow, a favorite natural baitfish for cruising coastal predators. It features a suspending-baitfish profile with a transparent, luminescent insert and slender body shape for unmatched realism. Runs 0-18 deep. Per each. Size: 3-1/4, 3/8 oz. Colors:(002)Pink/Chartreuse/Silver,(006)Bayou Green Back, (011)Red Head/White/Silver, (025)Blue/Chartreuse/Silver,(026)Chartruese Silver,(077)Chartreuse/Pearl/Silver,(808)Black/Orange/Gold. Color: Black/Orange. Type: Saltwater Hard Baits. - $6.99


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