MirrOlure Deep 25'+ Diver 111MR Trolling Lure - Red/White - $10.99

From freshwater pike to saltwater predators such as tuna, stripers, groupers, dorado, blues, wahoo and more, few predator game fish can resist the wiggle, flash and rattle of MirrOlures Deep 25+ Diver Trolling Lure. MirrOlure fish-calling rattles emit sonic vibrations to get the attention of large fish on the prowl, and then the temptingly tight wiggle teams with an enticing color scheme to seal the deal. These floating divers can attain depths in excess of 25 ft. when pulled at 3-4 knots with 125-150 ft. of line, and will troll effectively at speeds from 2-7 knots. Each has two premium treble hooks. Per each. Size: 7. Colors: (001)Firetiger, (002)Hot Pink, (011)Red/White/Silver, (024)Blue Mackerel, (111)Electric Chicken, (118)Green Mackerel, (121)Black/Silver/White, (801)Orange/Gold. Color: Red/White. Type: Saltwater Hard Baits. - $10.99


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