Mil-Comm NRA TW25B Lubricating Light Gun Grease - $11.99

Mil-Comm?s original formula light synthetic gun lubricant , NRA TW25B Lubricating Light Gun Grease provides ultimate lubrication and anti-corrosion protection. A great choice for all wear parts and the bore, this formula eliminates galling, short-stroking; improves bore accuracy; increases muzzle velocity and it's the best choice for extreme pressure, heavy load bearing conditions. Use it for long-term storage to maintain firearms in fire-ready condition. TW25B gun grease super-lubricates the bore and heavy wear parts, penetrating and perfecting gun metal surfaces with micro-particles that become suspended in the metal, creating roller-bearing, smooth surfaces. All-synthetic, non-toxic. The 0.52 fluid ounce refillable syringe is ideal for treating hard to reach surfaces, such as trigger assemblies, and for dispensing drops or beads of oil into parts where a full disassembly is neither desirable nor practical.Premium-grade gun lubricant that optimizes firearm performance. Repels sand, dust, grit, debris; minimizes the accumulation of gun powder residue. Greatly reduces friction and wear; extends the life of firearm parts. Reduces time and frequency of maintenance with easy wipe-off cleaningworks reliably in temperatures ranging from 85? F to + 450? FAll-synthetic, non-toxic. Comes in a 0.5 oz. refillable syringe applicator - $11.99


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