Michigan Stinger Scorpion Spoon - Rainbow - $6.19

A proven big-water spoon for salmon, steelhead and walleye. Top-quality construction right down to the needle-sharp treble hook. Per each. Length: 2-1/4. Colors: (002)Yellow Tail (not shown), (003)Hot Tiger, (004)Bumble Bee, (005)Kevorkian (not shown), (007)Light Days (not shown), (009) Copper Blue Dolphin (not shown), (010)Screwie Stewie, (011)Copper Watermelon, (014)Shrimp, (015)Boy-Girl, (016)Glow Worm (not shown), (017)Confusion, (018)Pearl Trout (not shown), (019)Blue Edge, (037)Rainbow, (048)Perch, (069)Dirty White Boy, (079)Butterscotch (not shown), (080)Bloody Nose, (085)Blueberry Muffin, (104)Hawg Wild (not shown), (107)Chicken Wing, (125)Mixed Veggies, (133)Watermelon, (158)Frog Circus Freak (not shown), (302)Purple Frog, (303)Helmut, (307)Pink P, (317)Nuclear Purple, (320)Purple Demon, (332)Copper Glitter Glow, (610)Pooh Bear Purple, (633)Wonder Bread (not shown), (717)Chicken Wing,(851)Pooh Bear, (852)Cat Dog, (927)Jaeger Bomb. Color: Rainbow. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. - $6.19


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