Mercury Quicksilver Propellers V-6/V-8 Outboards and Stern Drives - Stainless Steel - $134.99

These propellers are designed for V6/V8 outboards and stern drives. More than just an aluminum propeller the Black Diamond is the best general-purpose three-blade aluminum propeller anywhere. And anywhere is usually where you will find it on outboards, stern drives, inflatables and pontoons. Whenever you need solid, overall performance, the Black Diamond is there. The Silverado is a general purpose three-blade stainless propeller that delivers performance at an unbeatable value. This three-blade propeller offers increased efficiency and strength over aluminum propellers on a variety of outboards and stern drives. If you like to run fast and light, the Lightspeed is your propeller. A three-blade stainless steel design provides amazing bow lift on outboard-powered 16 to 22 footers. Plus, its thinner blades reduce drag increasing your top speed while improving handling. Need a tough, durable propeller built just for tow sports? The four-blade stainless steel Typhoon delivers. It's vented for better acceleration and is cupped for aggressive holding. When a three-blade just won't cut it, this propeller is what you need. A big boat demands big power. Big power demands the big performance of the Thunderbolt. Its large diameter and high-output blade geometry moves large boats with little effort. The stainless steel, three-blade Torrent delivers maximum speed for light boats with high-horsepower powerplants. Color: Stainless Steel. Type: V6/V8 Outboard and Stearn Drive Props. - $134.99


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