Mepps Flying C Spinner - Chartreuse - $5.79

Perfect for salmon and steelhead and pier or stream. Proven in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. One of Mepps deepest-running spinners, this heavyweight spinner drops deep and stays throughout the retrieve. Its bright fluorescent sleeve is a highly reflective attractor. Bodies are solid brass. Silver blades are genuine silver plate. Gold blades are polished brass. Painted blades are finished with computer-age epoxy. Includes a perma steel treble and a single siwash hook. Per each. Weight: 7/8 oz., 5/8 oz. Colors: (001)Pink/Silver, (002)Pink/Pink, (003)Chartreuse/Chartreuse, (004)Orange/Orange, (005)Chartreuse/Firetiger, (010)Pink/Glow, (011)Chartreuse/Glow, (012)Red/Red White, (013)Red Gold, (014)Hot Pink/Rainbow Trout, (015)Red Silver. Color: Chartreuse. Type: InLine Spinners. - $5.79


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