Mepps Double-Blade Musky Marabou - Black/Orange - $19.99

The Mepps Double-Blade Musky Marabo thunders through the water column, calling out the most wary pike and muskies all season long. Double No. 7 Colorado blades spin in sync around heavy-duty all-brass construction. The vacuum created by the blades increases the profile of the marabou hair, giving it the appearance of a larger lure without the bulk. A 5/0 treble ahead of the 3/0 trailer will hold on to the greenest 50-incher. Per each. Made in USA. Size: 1-1/2 oz., 8. Colors: (001)Silver White, (002)Silver Black, (072)Hot Orange Black/Orange, (104)Gold Black, (331)Hot Firetiger. Color: Black/Orange. Type: InLine Spinners. - $19.99


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