Mepps Double-Blade Aglia - Stainless Steel - $5.99

Perfect for smallmouth and largemouth bass, northern pike and early-season muskie, the Mepps Double-Blade Aglia is something fishermen who spend a lot of time on the water will appreciate. The dual blades create additional flash, which increases the intensity of the blade colors as they spin. Additionally, the sound and vibration they make is noticeably different and therefore more attractive than a spinner with a single blade. Two blades also produce more loft so they are easier to fish with over weeds and other obstacles. Gold blades are polished brass, copper blades are copper-plated, platinum blades are coated with a tough, acrylic finish, and silver blades are plated with genuine silver for a bright-white flash seen underwater. The solid-brass bodies have a durable stainless steel shaft, a pair of rugged, folded solid-brass clevises and bronze-plated, extra-sharp carbon-steel hooks. All tails are hand-tied with genuine bucktail and dyed in brilliant fish-attracting colors. Per each. Sizes: 5/16 oz., 11/16 oz. Colors: (001)Silver White,(011)Red White/White, (031)Gold Yellow, (072)Silver Blue, (079)Hot Firetiger, (086)Hot Orange Black/Black, (116)Hot Pink Chartreuse Pink, (126)Hot Chartreuse/Black, (127)Hot Chartreuse/Orange Chartreuse, (147)Rainbow Trout White, (842)Gold Red, (902)Copper Black. Color: Stainless Steel. Type: InLine Spinners. - $5.99


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