Men's Mountain Trainer Pelle Shoe - $74.48

Everyone from mountain experts, newbies, to city dwellers will love to put their foot into Salewa's Mountain Trainer Pelle Shoe. With a lacing system similar to a climbing shoe, these shoes provide support all the way to your toes, and their multi-fit footbed works to keep every part of your foot comfortable. Intricate stitching and a few contrasting colors make the Mountain Trainer Pelle Shoe one that will gain as many compliments as it will trips into the woods. PRODUCT FEATURES: Climbing laces give more accurate lacing in the toe area gives more support and performance Salewa's shoes have a three-dimensional body and are defined by length, width, and height 100% fresh silver reduces bacteria and odor Outsole: Vibram Alpine Approach/li> Insole: Mid stiff Nylon/li> Lining: Mesh Lining/li> Upper: 360 full rubber rand, 1.6 1.8 Suede/li> Weight: 510 g 63027 , salewa mountain trainer pelle shoes , salewa mtn trainer pelle shoes , salewa mountain trainer shoes , salewa mountain pelle shoes , mountain trainer pelle shoes , salewa , salewa shoes , salewa footwear , salewa hiking shoes , salewa outdoor shoes , salewa trail running shoes , salewa mountain shoes , salewa hiking footwear , salewa hiking boots , salewa hike shoes , salewa shoes hiking , salewa shoes hike , salewa casual shoes , salewa everyday shoes , salewa lace up shoes , salewa lace shoes , salewa laced shoes , salewa trail shoes , salewa mens mountain shoes , salewa mens hiking footwear , salewa mens hiking boots , salewa mens hike shoes , salewa mens shoes hiking , salewa mens shoes hike , salewa mens casual shoes , salewa mens everyday shoes , salewa mens lace up shoes , salewa mens lace shoes , salewa mens laced shoes , salewa mens trail shoes , salewa mens mountain trainer pelle shoes , salewa mens mtn trainer pelle shoes , salewa mens mountain trainer shoes , salewa mens mountain pelle shoes , mens mountain trainer pelle shoes , salewa , salewa mens shoes , salewa mens footwear , salewa mens hiking shoes , salewa mens outdoor shoes , salewa mens trail running shoes , all terrain shoes , outdoor shoes , hiking shoes , trekking shoes , lace up shoes , laced shoes , lace shoes , walking shoes , sport shoes , footwear , running shoes , athletic shoes , tennis shoes , sneakers , mens all terrain shoes , mens outdoor shoes , mens hiking shoes , mens trekking shoes , mens lace up shoes , mens laced shoes , mens lace shoes , mens walking shoes , mens sport shoes , mens footwear , mens running shoes , mens athletic shoes , mens tennis shoes , mens sneakers , approach shoes , mens approach shoes , approach sneakers , mens approach sneakers - $74.48


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