Megabass Vision 110+ Jerkbait - Blue - $25.99

Engineered to surpass the depth of the original 110, the Megabass Vision 110+ is a midrange jerkbait that dives tournament-winning performance up to 3 ft. deeper. Longer than the original, yet its crafted to eliminate any motion-deadening water resistance. So this slow-floating, medium-billed minnow still drives game fish wild with its wide, erratic darting action, realistic color patterns and a flash that calls wary fish out of hiding. Dual-tungsten weights of the advanced Multiway Moving Balancer System give you incredible casting distances. This fish-getting package is topped off with two internal rattles and Katsuage out-barb treble hooks. Per each. Size: 4.3, 1/2 oz., dives 4-9 ft. Colors: (001)MB Sexy Shad, (004)Gill, (008)M Shad, (009)GG Threadfin Shad, (012)GP Pro Blue, (016)HT ITO Tennessee Shad, (020)Elegy Bone. Color: Blue. Type: Stick Baits. - $25.99


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