Megabass Giant Dog-X - $18.99

Aerodynamically shaped for outstanding performance above and below the surface, the Megabass Vision ONETEN +1 is a mid-range jerkbait that increases the depth of the original ONETEN by up to 3 feet. A medium bill eliminates the high water resistance, fatigue, and deadened darting action often associated with long-bill minnows. At the same time, the ONETEN +1 preserves the celebrated action of the original ONETEN. The line-eye is positioned close to the body to reduce water resistance, making it easier to work. This angler-friendly design channels water toward the lure's forehead and along the sculpted body for an irresistible darting action with the slightest angler input. A dual-tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System produces long-distance castability-even in the toughest conditions.Mid-range jerk bait. Medium bill. Multi-Way Moving Balancer System with dual tungsten weights. Irresistible darting action - $18.99


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