MEC Sizemaster Reloader - $281.99

All MEC reloaders incorporate features that allow you to produce shotshells that will outperform factory loads at a fraction of the price! These top-quality features include: flip-top measure to permit powder and shot containers to be inserted or removed without spillage. Adjustable rammer tube for applying proper wad-column pressure. Cam-operated crimp for precise crimping and closing pressure. Spindex2 crimp starter for automatic rotation and realignment on the original factory crimp. The Sizemaster is the finest single-stage reloader that MEC builds. Reloads 2-3/4 and 3; paper and plastic; trap and field loads. Revolutionary resizing chamber resizes high- and low-brass shells back to original factory specifications. Cam-operated crimp adjusts for correct crimping and closing pressure exactly on the original factory crimp. Can be changed from six- to eight-point crimp in a matter of seconds. Automatic primer feed. Prevents spilled powder and shot by remembering the proper reloading sequence. Long-stroke mechanism allows loading high- or low-brass shells including, with a quick adjustment, 3 shells. Comes with charge bar for loading trap or light hunting loads and complete instructions. Other charge bars and powder bushings purchased separately. Made in USA. Available: 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410 1/2 oz., .410 11/16 oz. (.410 does not come with the Automatic Primer feed). Type: Presses. - $281.99


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