Master Cutlery U.S. Army Rocksteady Knife - $39.99

Master Cutlery U.S. Army Rock Steady Knife. Tame the wilderness with this rugged Survival blade! Rock steady until the end! This tactical Kukri-style field Knife is super strong, super sharp, ready for many uses in the field. From bushwhacking or cutting down tree limbs to building a shelter, this Knive has you covered! Ready to rock:Fixed blade for strength 9 3/4" 6mm thick 440 stainless steel curved Kukri blade PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated non-reflective non-stick finish 5" rubberized molded handle for secure grip, even in bad weather 15 1/4" overall. Weighs 14 ozs. 1680-denier nylon sheath - $39.99


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