MarCum LX-3tc Flasher - Orange - $339.88

The new, patent-pending, TrueColor sonar flasher display of this LX-3tc unit features improved target distinction and enhanced viewing, even in bright sunlight. Zoom in on any segment of the water column with the patented, movable zoom feature. The patented multilevel interference rejection system prevents false returns from other sonars. 2,000 watts peak-to-peak power gives you a clear idea of whats below. The patented, adjustable zoom mode provides you with these zoom choices: a 5 or 10 ft. zoom window in the 20 and 40 ft. scale; a 10 or 20 ft. zoom window in the 160 ft. scale. Target separation improves from 2.15 to 1 in the zoom mode. A super-bright display uses yellow, orange and red for easy-to-read signals. The MarCum LX-3tc Ice-fishing System includes sonar, a soft-pack carry case, 12-volt 9amp battery with a fully automatic digital charging system, adjustable transducer arm and a 20 self-aligning transducer. Color: Orange. - $339.88


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