Mann's 12 Jelly Worm - Black - $5.59

First introduced in 1967, Manns Jelly Worm remains the No. 1 selling worm of all time and for good reason. Manns Jellies helped Paul Elias claim the all-time BASS four-day weight record of 132-1/2 lbs. and serious anglers continue to use them to put more bass in their boats. Veteran and novice baitcasters alike need to reserve a place in their tackle boxes for these worms to improve chances of success when the fish are finicky. The 12 size us designed specifically to target trophy bass. Per 10. Size: 12. Colors: (001)Blackberry, (005)Black Grape, (007)Grape, (009)Strawberry, (011)Watermelon Red. Color: Black. Type: Worms. - $5.59


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