Empty P.A.S/R.A.S. Cartridge for Mammut Airbag Systems - $189.95

Empty P.A.S./R.A.S. Cartridge for Mammut Airbag Systems This canister is just like the full one except you don't have to pay a $30 hazmat fee to have it shipped. It fits both P.A.S. and R.A.S. packs by Mammut. You can also have it shipped as fast as you want, too. 2nd day air, next day, whatever, go crazy and hire someone to carry it directly to you in their checked bag. We won't judge. You can have it filled at a paintball shop, dive shop, or your local backcountry ski shop after you receive it. You'll need a part called a "blast washer" before reinstalling it in your backpack. - $189.95


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