Magnus Bullhead Turkey Fixed Blade Broadheads - $39.99

Enjoy top flight performance from a turkey broadhead without cut-impeding straws. The three-blade Magnus Bull. Head broadheads sport wide cutting widths designed for deadly head and neck shots, eliminating the need for meat destroying chest shot. Strong .048'' stainless steel blades provide all season accuracy and durability and provide great flight characteristics shot after shot without straws or plastic shields! Blades are replaceable and can be resharpened when needed. One set of replacement blades included in every pack. Check your local game laws before using this broadhead in your area. 100 grain broadhead sports 2-3/4'' cutting diameter. 125 grain broadhead features 3-3/4'' cutting diameter. 3 pack.Wide cutting widths for clean deadly head and neck shots. No straws or plastic shields required for smooth flight. Strong .048'' stainless steel blades. Replaceable blades can be resharpened. One set of replacement blades in every pack. NOTE: Due to the wide cutting diameter of the Bullhead, it must be used with arrows long enough to keep it in front of the bow's riser shelf at full draw. - $39.99


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