Mack's 1.5 Smile Blades - Chartreuse - $3.19

These medium blades work extremely well when drifting less than one mph, making them perfect for a variety of presentations, from light-lining for lethargic walleye to high-speed attractors for salmon and trout. Use them on spinnerbaits for more action with slower presentations. Per 5. Size: 1.5. Colors: (009)Black Scale, (027)Hot Pink, (041)Green Sparkle, (066)Silver Sparkle, (111)Cerise Sparkle, (158)Green/Silver Tiger, (159)Blue/Silver Tiger, (162)Flame, (201)Silver Scale, (204)Red Scale, (206)Blue Scale, (207)Copper Scale, (226)Chartreuse Sparkle, (249)Chartreuse/Tiger/Green, (444)Gold Sparkle, (520)Chartreuse Tiger, (662)Pink Tiger, (701)Orange Tiger. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Dakota Blades. - $3.19


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