Mack's 1.5'' Cha Cha Squidder - Chartreuse - $3.49

Smaller profile rig works great during early and late season. Tapered glow bead inside the body adds attraction and helps hold scent in the body cavity. Two-hook, no-gap setup is designed for the soft mouths of Kokanee. Per each. Colors: (022)Silver Mirror/Hot Pink Glow, (023)Pink Sparkle/Pink UV Spatter, (024)Silver Sparkle/Blue Spatter Glow, (025)Chartreuse Scale/Chartreuse Green Spatter Glow, (026)Chartreuse Mirror/Fire Tiger Glow, (526)Firefly Glow, (928)Hot Rocket. Color: Chartreuse. Type: InLine Spinners. - $3.49


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