Lyman Turbo Sifter - $14.99

The Lyman Turbo Sifter is an essential piece of reloading equipment that quickly separates case tumbler media from brass cases. The Turbo Sifter is easy to use, simply set the sifter over the top of a bucket and slowly pour the contents of your brass tumbler onto the sifter. With just a few shakes of the sifter all your brass will be separated from the media and ready to reload. No reloading bench should be without one. The Lyman Turbo Sifter can be used with any of the Lyman Turbo Tumblers, or with any brass tumbler. Made of durable polymer for years of steady use. Manufacturer model #: 7631321.Quickly separates tumbler media from brass cases. Can be used with any brass tumbler. Durable polymer construction. Easy to use - $14.99