Lyman E-ZEE Flo Universal Powder Trickler - $24.99

The Lyman E-ZEE Flo Universal Powder Trickler works with most any type of reloading scale, mechanical or electronic. An adjustable base adapts to the highest scale platforms, while the trickler tube has an extension that allows use with electronic scales with larger platform bases. Consistency during the reloading process is a key element to precision reloading for developing the most accurate rifle for your specific situation. Trickling the last few 100ths grain of powder into a load produces the kind of accurate ammunition needed for long-range hunting, or winning a shooting competition. The Lyman E-ZEE Flo Universal Powder Trickler is a must have for any reloading bench that produces precision ammunition. Manufacturer model #: 7752477.Works with most any mechanical or electronic reloading scale. Produces the ultimate in powder charge consistency. Necessary step for winning shooting competitions. Great tool for developing precision long range hunting loads - $24.99