Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook - 4th Edition - $21.99

Look on the bench of any serious reloader and youll find at least one of Lymans authoritative handbooks. This 4th edition handbook is the first new cast bullet data manual in 30 years, and it is filled with load data, ballistics and interesting articles by well-known, in-the-field experts. Chronicling data for Lymans entire line of rifle and pistol molds, the 4th Edition Cast Bullet Handbook also contains data for selected molds from other manufacturers where those bullet designs or weights would be of great interest to cast bullet experimenters. New calibers have been added such as Ruger Compact Magnums, .327 Federal and many black-powder loads for the most popular older cartridges. Valuable how-to editorial and articles by acknowledged authorities like Mike Venturino. Softcover. 320 pages. - $21.99


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