Lunker City Rigged Slug-Go - Black - $16.59

The Slug-Go combines the best properties of a stick bait with the texture and flexibility of soft plastic. And on one of these lethal pre-rigged tandems, it doubles the incredible action and attraction needed for drawing hard-hitting strikes. The bait is molded directly onto the rig for high-performance durability. Strong black-nickel, needle-point hooks. 9 bait has 7/0 nose hook and 5/0 rear hook. 12 has 9/0 nose hook and 5/0 rear hook. 50-lb. Dacron connection. Per each. Sizes: 9, 12. Colors: (001)Bubble Gum, (002)Black, (003)Albino, (004)Squid, (005)Eelskin. Color: Black. Type: Jerk Baits. - $16.59


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