Luna Sea Cush-it Slip-On Rod Butts - $14.99

The Luna Sea inch. Cush-itinch is a series of cushioned slip-on, grip-on rod butts for the serious angler. Ultra light and ultra durable, these ultra soft rod butts come in three models: Inshore/Freshwater, All Species, and Big Game.The Inshore/Freshwater Series fits smaller rod butts up to 1-1/8inch in diameter. The inch. Cush-itinch prevents hookset bruises, balances your rod for greater sensitivity, and floats your rod if it falls overboard. The All Species and Big Game Series Cush-its will both fit and grip on any rod butt. The All Species opening diameter is 1-1/2inch and the Big Game opening diameter is 1-7/8inch. Both taper down to fit all rods and lock firmly in place. Discover how comfortable fighting big fish can be, with Cush-it Slip-On Rod Butts. Simply slip it on. It stays with the rod. No bruising or discomfort. The harder you pull, the better it feels. No adjustments needed for size of tackle or angler.Cushioned grip, slip-on rod butts. Ultra-light, ultra soft, and ultra durable. For freshwater and saltwater anglers. Prevents bruises - $14.99


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