Luhr-Jensen Rattle Kwikfish - Chartreuse (K14) - $6.99

If youre slow trolling for lake trout, salmon or other large game fish, then you want a selection of Kwikfish in your tackle box. These wiggling plugs have a wide slow-trolling action that triggers fish to strike. Rattle models add another fish-attracting quality. Per each. Sizes: K13, 3-13/16 K14, 4-1/4 K14X, 4-1/4 K15, 5 K15X, 5 K16, 5-9/16 K16X, 5-9/16 Colors: (091)Silver/Chartreuse, (101)Double Trouble, (171)Pink Pearl, (587)Glad Clown, (601)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Green Ultraviolet, (602)Fluorescent Pink/Chartreuse Ultraviolet, (603)Fluorescent Red/Chartreuse Ultraviolet,(621)Blazin Pink Ultraviolet, (622)Blazin Green Ultraviolet, (630)Metallic Blue Double Trouble, (631)Metallic Green Double Trouble, (632)Metallic Pink Double Trouble, (734)Trapper, (745)Silver/Purple/Cerise, (747)Grinch, (850)Slammer. Size: K14. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Lures. - $6.99


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