Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish Xtreme Action Trolling Lure - Fluorescent Green (K11) - $6.19

UV Bright finish reflects more light and makes these proven Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish Xtreme Action Trolling Lures more brilliant in any visible light thanks to fluorescent paints, reflective surfaces and optical brighteners. Wide, slow trolling action is designed to drive salmon, steelhead and other predatory fish crazy. VMC round-bend treble hooks. Per each. Sizes: K11 3-3/8, dives to 12 ft. K14 4-1/4, dives 14 to 16 ft. K15 5, dives 15 to 17 ft. K16 5-9/16, dives to 15 ft. Colors: (050)Silver/Fluorescent Red Dot, (556)Silver Pink Mamba, (600)Fluorescent Green/Chartreuse UV, (601)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Green UV, (602)Fluorescent Pink/Chartreuse UV, (603)Fluorescent Red/Chartreuse UV, (604)Blue/Chartreuse UV, (620)Blazin Red UV, (622)Blazin Green UV, (625)Blazin Blue/Pink (not shown), (913)Fluorescent Red, (920)Silver, (930)Silver/Fluorescent Red Belly, (936)Silver/Blue Scale. Size: K11. Color: Fluorescent Green. Type: Crankbaits. - $6.19


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