Luhr-Jensen J-Plugs With Rattle - Silver Bullet (4) - $8.19

Luhr Jensens J-Plug features a free-sliding body and special lure-head chamber design that gives it a unique, erratic, darting action. Per each. Sizes: 4, 4-3/4, 5-1/2. Colors:(001)Dill Pckle, (002)O.J., (003)Metallic Superman, (005)Ludington Watermelon,(111)Silver/Metallic/Blue,(247)Silver Bullet, (263)Everglo C.C. White, (264)Everglo Batman, (265)Everglo Silver/Blue Scale, (266)Everglo Wonderbread, (267)Everglo Two Face, (268)Everglo Bloody Nose, (526)Everglo Batman, (606)Mongoose,(820)Cut Plug, (888)Glow/Firetiger, (928)Wonderbread. Size: 4. Color: Silver Bullet. Type: Crankbaits. - $8.19


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