Luhr-Jensen Hot Shot - Silver (30) - $7.99

Ideal for chasing salmon and steelhead as well as a great option for heavily pressured fish. All sport a belly-mounted treble for precision balance and a tail fin to tighten the wobble into an irresistible action. Plus, the 25 and 35 size Hot Shots are outfitted with an ultra-loud rattle chamber for fishing dark or stained waters. Per each. Sizes: Hot Shot 30 3-5/8 length; dives 10-12 ft. Hot Shot 35 3-1/4 length; dives 12-15 ft. Colors: (001)Silver, (166)Fluorescent Red, (550)Green Pirate, (850)Slammer, (932)Metallic Blue, (933)Pinky (not shown), (935)Metallic Dark Green, (943)Red Magic. Size: 30. Color: Silver. Type: Crankbaits. - $7.99


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