Luhr-Jensen Hot Shot 50/70 - Silver (50) - $5.79

The compact shape and wide body of the Hot Shot have made this unique trolling plug a staple of salmon, trout and steelhead fisheries across the country. The erratic darting action mimics a baitfish frantically running for cover. And the round-bend treble hooks strike hard on the lightest bites. The 50 has a reduced tail fin for a slower, wider wobble and hook placement toward the rear of the lure to catch aggressive lakers and browns as well as short-striking rainbows. Per each. Sizes: 502, 701 1/2 Colors: (808)Brown Trout, (912)Black Scale, (920)Silver, (921)Gold, (922)Gold/Green. Size: 50. Color: Silver. Type: Crankbaits. - $5.79


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