Luhr-Jensen Dipsy Diver - (096)Chartreuse - $7.99

Luhr-Jensen Dipsy Divers take your lures down to the strike zone. Vertical and lateral adjustments allow trolling both behind and beside your boat. The unique design of the Dipsy Diver gives you the ability to adjust the weight in degrees to suit your trolling needs. Sizes: 003 - 2-1/4 - Dives up to 20 feet with O-Ring 000 - 3-1/4 - Dives up to 35 feet with O-Ring 001 - 4-1/8 - Dives up to 50 feet with O-Ring 003 Magnum - 4-7/8 - Dives up to 100 feet with O-Ring Colors: (001)Silver/Silver Bottom, (002)Metallic Gold/Gold Bottom, (009)Kelly Green/White Bottom, (096)Chartreuse/White Bottom, (116)Clear/Clear Bottom, (166)Fire/White Bottom, (182)Watermelon/Silver Bottom, (228)Everglo Cry./Hot Texas Red/Black Tiger, (229)Everglo Chartreuse/Firetiger/Sparkle, (264)Everglo Batman/Firetiger/Sparkle, (266)Everglo Wonderbread (not shown), (302)Fluorescent Pink/Chartreuse UV, (600)Fluorescent Green/Chartreuse UV, (601)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Green UV, (603)Fluorescent Red/Chartreuse UV, (604)Blue/Chartreuse UV, (611)Orange Fire UV, (612)Pink Fire UV, (613)Purple Fire UV, (633)Wonderbread/White Bottom, (723)Metallic Green/Green Bottom, (812)Batman/Silver Bottom (not shown), (978)Copper. Color: (096)Chartreuse. Type: Divers. - $7.99


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