Lucky Craft LVR Mini - Chartreuse - $5.99

Lucky Crafts LVR Mini achieves an optimal balance between internal volume and body mass to eliminate unnatural movement. Designed to produce lively motion, it creates smooth action right after the drop so you can fish it at the edge of weed beds without getting tangled in them. Per each. Size: 2-1/4, 1/4 oz., dives to 3 ft. Colors: (051)Ghost Violet, (052)Aurora Black, (057)Aurora Ghost Gold Shiner, (058) Matte Rainbow Trout, (059)Ghost Pro Blue, (064)Chartreuse Black, (065)Chrome Ark Shad, (066)Chrome Blue,(070)Spring Craw, (071)Summer Craw, (072)Fall Craw,(073)Winter Craw, (074)Chrome,(075)Aurora Bass, (077)Original Tennessee Shad, (078)White and Gray, (079)Pearl Lemon, (082)Firetiger, (086)Green Apple, (090)Rootbeer Craw, (093)Golden Craw, (094)Tomato Craw, (095)Moss Green Craw, (098)Matte Chartreuse, (112)Chartreuse Rootbeer,(113)Rootbeer Brown, (114)Carmel Apple, (122)Copper Craw,(172)Sexy Chartreuse Shad, (222)Ghost Tennessee Shad, (230)Chartreuse Shad,(238)Ghost Minnow, (245)Matte Tiger, (251)Nashiki, (254)Aurora Wakasagi, (256)Mini Aurora Gold, (261)Table Rock Shad, (268)Pearl Ayu, (270)MS American Shad, (277)Aurora Brown, (278)Matte Pumpkin, (279)Ghost Brown, (280) - $5.99


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