Liquid Caddy Drink Holder - White - $12.88

The innovative Liquid Caddy Drink Holder is designed to attach almost anywhere. The gimbaled and adjustable drink holder is designed to carry almost any beverage can, bottle or cooler cup. Just pull and twist the bottom of the cup holder and it will increase in length while at the same time adjusting the inner diameter. You never have to worry about spilling your drink, the gimbaled action will always keep a beverage upright. Neoprene, inside the holder, will also insulate to keep the beverage at the proper temperature. Mounting options include: boats, ATVs or scooters, motorcycles, golf bags, vehicles, chairs and even baby strollers. Velcro mount, suction cup mount, clip mount and clamp mount included. Per each. Colors: Black, White, Blue, Camo. Color: White. Type: Seat Parts/Accessories. - $12.88


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