Lindy River Rocker Crankbait - Chartreuse - $6.19

The River Rockers curved profile and streamlined shape produce an exaggerated, wide rocking wobble that draws toothy strikes and runs true even during high-speed trolling. Versatile crankbait can be cast, flat-line trolled, or used with downriggers, but truly shines when used in fast-running waters. Sizes: LRR3 2-3/8, 3/16 oz., No. 6 hooks. Casting depth 2-3 ft. Trolling Depth: 4-6 ft. LRR5 3-1/8, 5/16 oz., No. 4 hooks. Casting depth 4-5 ft. Trolling Depth: 11-13 ft. LRR7 3-3/4, 1/2 oz., No. 2 hooks.Casting depth 6-8 ft. Trolling Depth: 15-17 ft Colors: (304)Golden Shiner, (305)Perch,(310)Chartreuse Glow, (317)Black Shad, (318)Pink Shiner,(319)Orangeade,(320)Aunt Creepy, (323)Coward, (334)Metallic Silver Red Herring,(326)Firetiger,(338)Metallic Pink, (537)Metallic Silver/Blue Pirate, (540)Metallic Blue Chartreuse/Black Chartreuse. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Crankbait. - $6.19


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