Lindy Little Joe Crawler Harness Spinner Rig - Natural - $3.19

A brilliant vivid holographic blade emulates primary baitfish colors. Lindy bead patterns mimic the secondary colors found on baitfish and add fish-attracting rattle and vibration. Hand tied with 72 of 14-lb. fluorocarbon line. Rigged with No. 2 octopus hooks, a pre-tied Lindy swivel, an X-Change clevis and a Colorado blade. Per each. Blade sizes: No. 3, No. 4, No. 5. Colors: (003)Fathead, (004)Golden Shiner, (007)Shad, (012)Natural Perch, (013)Alewife, (014)Purple Smelt. Color: Natural. Type: Spinner Kits. - $3.19


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