Lindy Beads - Yellow (4 MM) - $2.49

High-quality beads in a variety of colors to customize your spinner assortment. 4mm- Per 125, 5mm- Per 100. Sizes: 4mm - Per 125. 5mm - Per 100. Colors: (001)Orange Pearl,(003)Brown Pearl, (004)Purple Pearl, (005)Silver Metallic, (006)Coral Red Pearl, (007)Red Bead, (008)Fuschia Pearl,(010)Yellow Pearl, (011)Green Pearl, (012)Lime Pearl, (013)Pink Pearl, (014)Gold Metallic, (015)Emerald Pearl, (016)Red Metallic, (060)Blue Pearl, (180)White Pearl, (241)Glow. Size: 4 MM. Color: Yellow. Type: Beads. - $2.49


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