Lightfield Hybred EXP Sabot Slugs - $12.99

For devastating deer performance, turn to the Lightfield Ammunition Corporation for the hardest hitting and most accurate sabot slug available. 2-3/4 EXP cartridges have a two-sided sabot that keys to four tabs on the slug itself. When the shell is fired the pressure pushes the wad forward, locking the slug and sabot together, and forces the locked sabot/slug assembly to expand to the full barrel diameter and spin together as one unit. Just like a badminton birdie, the lighter wad or shuttlecock stays attached to the slug while in flight, giving the projectile stability while supersonic and prevents shockwave deflection when the projectile becomes subsonic. Upon impact, the maximum expansion of the soft lead slug (essentially a .62 cal. bullet) produces devastatingly lethal results. Per 5. Available: Lightfield Hybred EXP 2-3/4 Saboted 12 ga. Shotgun Slugs Lightfield Hybred EXP 2-3/4 Saboted 20 ga. Shotgun Slugs Type: Slugs. - $12.99


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