LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Filter / Purifier - $89.99

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 purifies up to 4,750 gallons, or 18,000 liters of water. For roughin' it in the wilderness or surviving a natural disaster, that's up to 3 years of water for a family of 5! If you need to purify contaminated water or make tap water safe during a boil advisory, LifeStraw is simply the best filter out there.Lightweight. Packable. Easy to use!No bug-out or emergency kit is complete without a LifeStraw. Weighing in at under 2 lbs. and designed for easy packing, it's the perfect traveling companion for adventure and preparedness. It's no wonder LifeStraw is an internationally recognized, award-winning water filter!Filters up to 4,750 gallons or 18,000 liters of water to 0.02 microns (20 nm)Removes minimum 99.99% of virusesRemoves minimum 99.9999% of bacteriaRemoves minimum 99.9% of protozoan cystsRequires no electrical power, batteries or replacement partsRequires no running water or piped-in water supplyReduces turbidityFlow rate of 9-12 liters / hourHas an easy-to-clean pre-filter and purification cartridgeRed bulb for backwashing filterAll raw materials are US FDA compliant or equivalentUsed worldwide in harsh conditions since 2005Weighs 1.6 lbs. Please read more about how Lifestraw has given back to the world; for every filter purchased, one free filter is given to a School in Kenya.Order your LifeStraw Family 1.0 today! - $89.99