Lifeproof Bike & Bar Mount - $39.99

The LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount for your iPhone 4/4s, or 5 Case lets you to hit the road, track or trail with your iPhone 5 along for the ride. By keeping your GPS, camera, performance trackers, training apps, music and communications front and center, you get the most out of every ride. Thanks to custom-shaped locking cradle, the Bike & Bar Mount keeps your LifeProof-equipped iPhone locked in place. So if youre riding road, bombing hills or pulling back flips, your phone stays secure. The quick-release clamp installs with ease and adjust to fit a wide array of bar sizes. Whether youre using your iPhone to stay on route, monitor performance, listen to tunes, or record the ride on your iPhone-turned bike cam, the LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount transforms your steed into a bicycle built for twofor you and your iPhone that is! So, mount your phone, grab the grips and go! - $39.99


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