Liberty Safe and Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rods - $17.99

Gun Storage Solutions gun safe accessories will increase your gun safe storage capacity by about 50% by using unused space. Guns are easier to access even from the back row. GSS products can be used anywhere there is a shelf gun safes, cabinets, closets and more. All accessories fit 22 caliber or larger. Made in USA. Available: Rifle Rod Starter Kit Store long guns in the most space-efficient way. Simply staple the kits loop fabric under the top shelf in your safe. Slide a Velcro-headed Rifle Rod down the barrel of any long gun. Now, position the gun in an upright position and attached the Rifle Rod to the loop fabric. Rifle Rods will hold your guns in a vertical, secure, space-saving row. Works great with scopes. Includes 10 Rifle Rods and loop fabric. Rifle Rod Expansion Kit Includes six Rifle Rods. Type: Organizers. - $17.99


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