Liberty Safe Power-Outlet Kit - $44.99

If your Liberty Safe was built after April 2007 or if it already has a previous version outlet kit (Franklins, FATBOYS, Lincolns, Presidentials and Nationals), it can be retrofitted to accept the new Safe Power-Outlet Kit. This easy-to-install kit includes a 6-ft. power cord with a 90 angle for easy access in tight spaces and adds a USB port, CAT-5 ethernet port and three 110-volt outlets to your safes interior for plugging in items such as dehumidifiers, laptops and lights. Pass-through hole allows room for the antenna of Libertys SafeAlert monitoring device. Comes standard on all Franklin, Lincoln, Presiential and National Security safes built after April 2014. If no outlet kit is already installed, it will add 1.25 of depth to your safe. - $44.99


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