Lib Tech TRS HP Snowboard 157 - $487.95

This board is sick! Horsepower’s lightweight Columbian Gold core, smooth riding, strong and poppy Basalt volcanic fiber and environmentally friendly Bio Beans topsheet. Award winning ultra refined, all-terrain tested TRS geometries built onto the new XC2 power banana/camber contour. XC2 features a shortened banana component between your feet and lengthened cambers underfoot adding end-to-end stability, power, pop and control while maintaining the incredible banana tech float and carve.Key Features of the Lib Tech TRS HP Snowboard: Volcanic Organic Construction True Twin XC2 BTX Magne-Traction Horsepower Consruction Columbian Gold Core Basalt Fiber Bio Beans glitter top Power Transfer Internal sidewalls UHMW External sidewalls TNT Base Flex 5 - 6 (depending on size - $487.95


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