Len Lenser D14 135-lumen Flashlight - $59.99

LED LENSER D14 135-lumen Flashlight. WATERPROOF, super bright and great for diving. For divers crystal-clear water is ideal... but hardly ever the case! With this LED LENSER D14 Flashlight cloudy water conditions aren't a problem. Explore underwater reefs, caves, and aquatic life with ease. Produces a bright 135-lumen beam and is good for dives down to 197'. And unlike many other diving lights, this D14 Flashlight can be used on land thanks to its unique cooling system.Features:Produces 135 lumens Beam can be seen up to 590' away Waterproof down to 197' Special magnetic parts allow for switch activation without mechanical parts that could corrode over time Battery life: 4 hours Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) Includes lanyard for easy carrying Measures 6.3" l., weighs 7.76 ozs. - $59.99


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