LEM Products MaxVac Vacuum Sealer - $449.99

Extend the freshness and freezer life of your favorite foods with the commercial grade Max. Vac Vacuum Sealer from LEM. This powerful vacuum sealer helps you better protect your meat, fish, vegetables or fruits from freezer burn and spoilage by removing the air from the storage bag and sealing it shut. The Max. Vac's powerful 28hg piston pump delivers a sure vacuum locked in by the sure sealing 1/4'' heat strip. Made of tough stainless steel, this countertop friendly appliance features vented front and rear panels and a detachable 6' power cord. Digital controls allow you to choose automatic or manual seal settings. The Max. Vac also features an auto sensor that shuts the pump off once the full vacuum is achieved and an auto lid release for convenience. Rated for 10 hours of continuous use. Compatible with most national brand vacuum bags up to 14'' wide. Comes with 10 quart size and 10 gallon size bags with tear notch. So seal in the nutrients of your favorite foods and save grocery money by reducing spoiled and wasted food with the Max. Vac from LEM. Two year manufacturer's limited warranty. Manufacturer model #: 1088A.Commercial grade vacuum sealer for your home. Strong stainless steel construction. Powerful 28 hg piston pump1/4inch heat strip. Auto sensor shuts off pump once full vacuum is achieved. Auto or manual seal. Accepts bags up to 14inch wide. Auto lid release. Comes with 10 quart size and 10 gallon size bags with tear notch. Detachable 6' cord. Vented front and rear panels - $449.99