LEM Products Ground Meat Patty Jerky and Snack Stick Maker - $109.99

Make the perfect burger, tasty jerky, or scrumptious snack sticks with the LEM Products Ground Meat Patty, Jerky, and Snack Stick Maker! Unit attaches easily to the appropriate grinder and produces patties, jerky strips, or snack sticks already laid out on wax paper when set up as directed! Durable all metal construction. Patty, Jerky, and Snack Stick Maker comes with instructions, 1 roll of paper, meat shears, and a 16'' chute. Unit also comes with all 3 of the plates needed to make the different ground meat products. Makes 1/2inch x 4'' patties without any plate added. Add 1 of the additional 3 plates included to make 3/8inch patties, 3/16inch x 13/16inch jerky strips or 1/2inch diameter snack sticks. Prepare delicious ground meat burger patties, jerky, or snack sticks at home. Easy to use unit attaches to LEM grinders. Unit lays out patties, jerky strips, or snack sticks on wax paper as it pushes them out. Comes with instructions, 1 roll of paper, meat shears, 3 plates, and a 16'' chute. Grinder sold separately and can be found through item search for number 934269An unbeatable service and parts guarantee!Don't worry - it's covered!In addition to their superior line of quality products, LEM Products has an experienced staff of technicians ready to handle any service problem you may have. Warranty issues are quickly handled by trained experts in the United States, who provide parts and service for all of Bass Pro Shops/LEM Products meat processing processing products. LEM Products prides itself on the professional, friendly service customers have grown to expect over the years. Parts and service: 877-536-7769. - $109.99


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