LEM Products Edible Collagen Casings for Fresh or Smoked Sausage - $12.99

An edible alternative to hog or sheep casings, edible collagen casings for fresh or smoked sausage feature uniform sizes to make filling easier for delicious sausages, brats, snack sticks, and more. Made from beef protein, these casings require no preparation for use. Use the 32mm size for Bratts or Italian links. The 21mm size are great for breakfast sausage. 19mm and 17mm are snack stick size. (Manufacturer recommends using a 3/8'' tube or smaller for 19mm and 17mm casings.)Edible collagen casings. No prep needed. Sausage Casing Guide. Sausage Type. Edible Natural Hog Casings. Non-edible Fibrous Casings. Edible Collagen Casings. Summer Sausage-X-Bologna-X-Salami-X-Pepperoni-X-Snack Sticks--X (17mm,21mm)Smoked Brats, Metts, and Franks. X-X(32mm)Fresh Brats and Sausage. X-X(32mm)Fresh Breakfast Links--X(21mm)Smoked Sausage--X(32mm) - $12.99


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