Lee Loadmaster Progressive Press - $269.99

This large-and-in-charge press has premium features for a lifetime of loading both rifle and pistol rounds. The oversized, chrome-plated 1-3/4-dia. ram has plenty of stroke and clearance to accommodate the largest rifle cartridges. Its automatic indexing system has a wedge lock with a one-ton capacity now thats reloading power! Five stations load progressively or singly, and offer factory crimping and post sizing. Removable turrets and a quick-change shell plate make caliber changes in an instant, without tools. The positive-feeding priming system fills easily and the easy-to-empty primer catcher is guaranteed to catch every primer. Automatic four-tube case feeder. Loaded round ejector and case catcher. Accepts all popular brands of 7/8 x 14 dies. Available: 9mm Luger .38 Special/.357 Mag. .40 S W .45 ACP Type: Presses. - $269.99


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