Lee Deluxe Turret Press Reloading Kit - $149.99

A proven design with compound leverage and linkage so strong even large magnum cases are sized easily. Its now even better with the built-in Lee Lever Prime System. Primer arms for large and small primers included. An integrated primer catcher collects spent primers to make the process clean and convenient. A long stroke, generous hand clearance and comfortable ball handle make this press a pleasure to use. A four hole turret speeds reloading because you dont have to switch out dies to advance to the next stage. Just rotate the turret to the next step and make complete cartridges one at a time. To switch caliber, change turrets in seconds (one turret included). Dies and shellholder not included. Save time, make your reloading process more efficient and increase your rate of ammo production with this convenient kit. You also save money compared to buying the kits individual components separately. It includes the proven Turret Press (above) along with an Auto Disk Powder Measure, a Lee Safety Scale, a primer pocket cleaner, a cutter and lockstud to trim the cases (requires specific caliber case trimmer to operate) and a chamfer/deburring tool. - $149.99


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