Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit - $144.99

The popular O-frame press is a strong design with a large opening and long-stroke that loads small centerfire to large magnum calibers with ease. Its spent-primer catcher tube routes spent primers directly to a trash container. Lees Lever Prime System includes primer arms for both large and small primers and makes priming cartridges a snap. The Breech Lock Quick-Change System lets you change dies instantly with a twist of your wrist and youll never have to adjust your dies again. The sturdy all-steel linkage has an adjustable-length lever. Dies and shellholder not included. If youre a beginner wanting to load more than one centerfire caliber, this is the kit for you. Kit includes: Breech Lock Challenger Press, Auto Prime XR Priming Tool with a set of 11 Auto Prime Shell Holders, Perfect Powder Measure with stand, Safety Powder Scale, powder funnel, case cutter with lock stud to trim cases, an inside/outside case neck chamfer/deburring tool, primer pocket cleaner and a tube of premium resizing lube. You also get one Breech Lock Quick-Change Die Bushing. This bushing make changing dies a snap. NOTE: To use the case cutter and lock stud, a specific shell holder and case-length gauge is required for each caliber to be trimmed. - $144.99


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