LED Lenser M14 Flashlight - $129.99

A large reflector and extremely efficient microprocessor make the M14 a bright, long-running flashlight a spotlight in your hand. Move from clean, centered light to a focused, long-distance beam with Rapid Focus technology that allows you to go from reading to searching by simply moving a sliding bezel with your thumb. With the Smart Light Technology system, choose between unvarying light intensity or continuously-decreasing brightness resulting in longer run time. Near to far focusing options with the Advanced Focus System are possible because of a patented combination of a reflector and lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance needs and a spill beam for up-close reading. Puts out 30 lumens for up to 30 hours on low; 220 lumens for up to two hours on high. Four AA batteries (included) power the single LED. Length: 6.38. Weight: 12.84 oz. - $129.99


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